Six important tips you can do immediately to improve your tone and sound like a pro

1. Movement & the Wrist

For the motion you should be use your wrist. Strum a chord and look to see if this is happening. Movement from the elbow should be reserved for when you want to accent something and strike a chord or two just a little harder than your regular strum.

2. Keep Your Wrist Relax

If the wrist is too rigid, it will make harsh tone for your strumming. Here’s how to set up. Drop your hands to your side and release all tension – let it go completely. Then try again.

3. Go Light and Fast

Developing a quick but light stroke is really an important part of creating a nice strum sound. To improve this skill, work on one stroke at a time. Try this: Fret a chord, then move your strum hand downward across the strings as lightly and quickly as you can.

4. Balance the Volume

Apply the light and fast idea to the upstroke as well. Then match the volume to the down stroke.

5. Vary Where You Strum

Strumming close to the bridge creates a brighter sound while the further you move away from the bridge will create a darker sound. Find the sweet spot and use it as a tool for variation of your tone.

6. Angle Your Pick

Having your pick slightly angled while you pick can help produce an attractive tone. It doesn’t have to be severe, even a slight angle will make a difference. Working on these six points are going to have you sounding better, playing better and looking better. Build good habits and you’ll be a pro faster than you would ever expect.