Why Play Guitar??

The guitar is one of the most versatile of musical instruments. It can be used to Play a huge variety of musical styles such as folk , country ,Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, classical and flamenco, and can be played either solo or with other people.

Many beginners ask whether the guitar is easier or harder to learn than other instruments. Whilst all instruments have their peculiarities and idiosyncrasies, at a basic level it is fairly easy to produce a musical sound from the guitar. At first base it is easier than, say, a Violin, which requires precise fingering , Considerable coordination between the hands and a good ear, but the guitar is arguably harder than, for example, Piano, where the actual mechanics of producing a musical note are done for you after depressing a piano key.

After covering the basics, playing the guitar is as difficult as you want to make it. It depends how proficient you want to become in your chosen style.

Choosing a Guitar

There are three main kind of guitars, A Classical or Spanish guitar, an acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

The term “acoustic guitar” id often used to refer to any guitar which is not an electric guitar. but more properly speaking a distinction must be drawn between nylon string classical or Spanish guitars and steel strung acoustic guitars.

The advantages for a beginner starting to learn on an acoustic guitar are that the steel strings can make the fingers very sore until callouses are developed.